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Heresy definition

“Opinion profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted”

The Hesketh motorcycle has always been a V twin since its conception in circa 1979 with low volume production that continued for 40 years.

From the start of 2021 Euro 5 emissions regulation was introduced which ended the production of the mighty S&S X-wedge engine, it was not viable for S&S to invest further into such small numbers being only Hesketh and Morgan cars using such a power plant.

Engine selection is very complex; there are no UK manufacturers that will supply engines directly to another due to potential warranty issues and possible reputational damage that may arise.

At Hesketh we require reliability, a good technical working relationship, a stable supply chain for parts and a commitment to the future.

Our selection was to use the Hartford UK450 single cylinder Euro5 engine.

Hartford industrial are a Taiwanese manufacturer of CNC machines that also produce engines, all manufacturing is completed in house and they invested and completed the Euro5 certification.

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